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Album title: Far From the Maddening Crowds
Singers: Chicane
Release year: 1997

Album songs of Far From the Maddening Crowds - Chicane

Far from the Maddening Crowds is the debut studio album by British electronic dance music act Chicane, released in 1997. It is highly regarded as a seminal release in the trance community, and is highly sought after.[unreliable source?] The album appeared on the UK Albums Chart for one week, reaching number forty-nine.
After licensing issues resulted in the album being deleted for a period of five years, the album became highly sought after. However, it was re-released on 22 October 2007 with all the tracks from the original version, plus a new mix, "Offshore 2007", which is a remix of the original track "Offshore '97".
"Offshore", the earliest song produced and released, is also among the best-known of Chicane's songs; aside from single sales and being a major dance club hit, resulting on its inclusion on what has been said to be over 130 compilation albums,[unreliable source?] it has also been featured in the UK on TV programs ranging from travel reviews to the BBC's Gardener's World and Grandstand.
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