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Album title: Travelling Without Moving
Release year: 1996
Travelling Without Moving is the third studio album released by British Acid Jazz band Jamiroquai. Released in 1996, the album features the international hit single "Virtual Insanity". The album has a more diverse sound than previous albums, with more instrumental tracks, and a greater electronic influence, evident in songs such as "Alright", which mixed new synthetic sounds with shades of acid-jazz. It also entered the Guinness Records as the best-selling funk album in history.
Just before the release of the album, many newspapers had reported that Jay Kay's love of sportscars had reached a peak, as and such was reflected by the Ferrari-esque logo adorning the album cover and engine noises on the title track. This led some to accuse him of selling out on the environmentalist message of his previous albums. The title track, "Travelling Without Moving" appropriately introduces a new high-octane sound which features strongly in later albums. This is also the last album with bassist Stuart Zender. The RIAA certified Travelling Without Moving Platinum on 3 November 1997, denoting 1 million shipments in the United States - this is the only RIAA certification the band has ever obtained.
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