Song BASTARD - You Lose

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Song name: You Lose
Duration: 02:59
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Lyrics of BASTARD — You Lose

(Rap rap and go go, Rap rap and go go)

They don't want clashing with Lyst
No action, you would have to dismiss
I can turn any rap to a classical diss
Known asshole cause I use my passion and gift
As a verbal bat that can split
Any rapper in half on a track when I spit
Flow flammable fact is I'm fracturing ribs
This is practice I'm actually laughing at this, HA
Ya'll stay average as shit
Allstate if my car may happen to flip
Always playing Scarface after a spliff
Ball play like I'm Barkley smashing a swish
Girl show me what your pants won't show
Look hoe tell me what your mans don't know
Bet you I make your fuckin' ass go low
Then I'll have you give a little head blow slow
Fresno bound, bless sound
This is how to make a system pound
Try to listen what this is 'bout
If life is a bitch then pimp it out
Take no hate from a haters mouth
Lay um out make them face the ground
Stay low girl now shake it down
Make it bounce like a check in your bank account
I been a pimp cause I live for my business
So tell a bitch put Lyst on her wish-list
This is shit that can win me the Olympics
Intense yes you cannot attempt it
So sick, what you're hearing is the symptoms
Meant it did you pay attention to my sentence?
Can you sense how I'm revving up my engine?
This dick in her is finna have her limpin'
Living like I'm Clinton, shit is quite addicting
Melo's looking yellow like a Simpson
Foot is on the pedal and I said I'm feeling tempted
Just to hit you with it cause I bet I'll leave you dented
Slam into your ribs trick
How to move a stick shift
Attitude has been ticked
Vanish you to bits bitch
And I'm too sadistic
Animal this dude is like the Hannibal don't risk it
You ain't shit to this leader
Ain't scared to embarrass and defeat ya
Compare me to him isn't fair I'm a beat ya
He's a bear I'm a rare fuckin' creature
He's a brick I'm the pyramid of Giza
He's a fever compared with a seizure
Better flee 'for you leave with amnesia
Please try to leave me a reason to ease up
Lyst gots you LYSTening just like a symphony
Interesting cause I'm a sinner with sympathy
Syke, I'll jack a bitch for her Tiffany's
Laugh as she starts throwing fits and epiphanies
I'll throw a fist if you're dissin me
That's what you get since your wrist was just glistening
Bitch get a grip what you think we finna see money then walk away like it ain't anything?
I had to maneuver my past to get cooler
Like the dude up in back to the future
Bastard you loser I'll stab you like Kruger
And if I have to I'll blast a bazuka
Now slack on my rules you'll get smacked with a ruler
While I catch you then ask you to sue us
Type of cat that'll smash on Medusa
Then hand her some cash for a cab or an uber
I'm from killa Cali so enter the middle valley
Where innocent mother fuckers get hit in the inner alleys
So I've been driven to live as if I was finna rally
I might offend you but this ain't even the finished finale (nah)
With the pen I be killing you proudly (yup)
When each sentence is getting so rowdy
From the beginning I was already hearing you shouting
Fuck every single little sinister sinner around me
Take a trip to the majors
Stick to the script don't flip through pages
A's got hits I'm addicted to bangers
I may just fuck yo bitch like BangBus
Dangerous I don't mean I stick with a stainless
I mean that I'm twisted I'm sick and I'm shameless
Trick, because I'm a little bit famous
You gon' let Lyst stick his dick up in your anus?
Sucked it till she went and got the hiccups then fainted
Such an image I've painted
Show me what you be about baby
Pussy like a Chia Pet screaming out shave me
We is that crazy, daily
I'm a fuckin' G I'm like Swayze, save me
Bet you'll never see us act lazy, lady
Bet you'll never see us act lazy, lady
Buddha with the tempo
Grew up on that death row
2Pac in my headphones
Thought I'd let the rest know
Do I let the tech go?
Shooting off your temple
Red hole looking like Rudolph with a red nose
Do it cause I said so
All of my connects close
Represent the West Coast
Gotta go collect doe
Hell no we ain't never settling for less though
Yes hoe its evident I'm special
All of ya'll bluffing, fronting
I be puffin' on that Russian, stunting
Made something from nothing, no discussion
Hundred bars that I'm crushing