Song Bentley Grey & LaKayte - Slow Down (Original Mix)

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Song name: Slow Down (Original Mix)
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Lyrics of Bentley Grey & LaKayte — Slow Down (Original Mix)

*[Hook - Young Thug:]*
I'm gon' beat that pussy up just like a champion
I'm a beast inside these streets like a barbarian
Told my baby next February we're married
We laughin' at these pussy boys, they're so hilarious
I might get her knocked off, pull them spaghetti strings
I might get her knocked off for a double sealed pint of lean
I might get her knocked off while I pull a bank scheme
I might get her knocked off for just tryna join the team

*[Verse 1 - Birdman:]*
Yeah, we roll these bitches like they centipedes
We get this money, flip some honeys then we blow some Gs
I gave her life and then I showed her Bs
We fucked the world but now we overseas
Inside of the car, we stashed a hundred bricks
We put it down and hit the town, we 'bout the money trips
Wait, the ice is rollin' cause we're rollin', bitch
Flakes, the dope is cola cause we're polar, bitch
I answer the call and put her right beside me
Two, we 'bout that woop like them brand new Spyders
Keep your mouth closed, boy, cause we're aimin' fire
I just might one night her, show love and wife her
I'm bangin' green like the lizard in Geico
I pull up and wet you, burn your top like Michael
I got bullets bigger than fingers in rifles
It's big Bs with a hundred Gs in each one of my pockets


*[Verse 2 - Young Thug:]*
I'm not gon' pass, I'm a smash 'em
She want that nut so I blast her
My Bentley grey like a pastor
Whippin' that snow, no Alaska
Good head, she got her masters
Shawty a long way from dumb
Your money flat like a plasma
Good kush, smoke is the bomb
I drink that Act while you be drinkin' red
I don't fall in love, I run over it instead
Like, bobble, that bitch go head
I'm like, "lil baby, I don't know your kid"
I keep my pistol I'll give you the lead
They 3 deep I call 'em Ed, Edd and Eddy
Baby take a picture, that photo cred
She make me lean back like a sofa bitch