Song Electro Deluxe - Wisdom

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Song name: Wisdom
Album: Hopeful
Duration: 05:06
4.8/5 (3636 votes)
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Lyrics of Electro Deluxe — Wisdom

Her eyes have seen through time
Her hands have covered these
Her feet have walked the mile
And all was done with care

Her lips have kissed these cheeks
Her belly carried them
And now she feels she is done
Her new life can begin

And we hold in a dream
Our loved ones joy and pain
And never come a day that I won't
Think of all this time she shared

She was our source of joy
She was our rock
She loved until the end
And love is what she taught

I think of all the love she gave
I won't forget the love she gave
I think of all the love she gave
The love she gave