Song Freak Power - Waiting For The Story To End

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Song name: Waiting For The Story To End
Duration: 03:53
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Lyrics of Freak Power — Waiting For The Story To End

It's all in your head, " she said,
U know it's right there in you mind.
Soul food is brain food so you get back payment in kind,
Stroll up to the cash desk, push you trolley up that ramp.
"The change'll do you good" she said,
And you even get Green Stamps.

We're just waiting for the story to end,
The credits will be rolling again,
If you make love to your enemies,
You masturbate your friends, and that's the end.

"It's all there in the past." she said,
When the Merry Pranksters rolled,
The cats and dogs in harmony,
And the ppigs do what they're told.
"Get back on the bus, " she said lovin Kenny Kesey (Jones)
The street's are paved with daisies,
Coz we made them on our own