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Album title: Behind the Sun
Singers: Chicane
Release year: 2000
Behind the Sun is Chicane's second album, released in August 2000 under Alex Gold's Xtravaganza Recordings in the UK. In the United States, it was distributed by C2 Records, as part of a then newly signed distribution deal between Xtravaganza and the now defunct imprint of Columbia Records.

The album is described by Bracegirdle in the liner notes as a reflection on "a year in the life of Chicane".

The lead single, "Saltwater" was released in 1999, and became a club hit, like Chicane's previous hit "Offshore". The song included new version of the vocals from Clannad's "Theme from Harry's Game" provided by the original singer, Máire Brennan.
Other singles included the dance hit, "Don't Give Up" (#1 in UK) with Bryan Adams's vocals, "Autumn Tactics", "No Ordinary Morning" and "Halcyon". The collaboration with Adams followed a remix by Bracegirdle of one of Adams' songs.
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