Песня NSYNC - This I Promise You

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Название песни: This I Promise You
Продолжительность: 04:43
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Текст песни NSYNC — This I Promise You

Ooh oooh
Ooh oooh

Hey, hey

Bye, bye, bye

You might've been hurt, babe
That ain't no lie
You've seen them all come and go, oh...

I'm doin' this tonight,
You're probably gonna start a fight.
I know this can't be right.
Hey, baby, come on.

I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye, bye, bye...
Bye, bye

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again
But I'm not like them
Baby, when you finally...
... Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
Guess what
You may hate me, but it ain't no lie
It's gonna be me

When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you,
Are secrets and lies

There comes a day
When I'll be the one, you'll see...
It's gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna

It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you
But when we are apart, I feel it too
And no matter what I do, I feel the pain
With or without you

And I will take (I will take you in my arms)
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong (right where you belong)
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you

It's tearin' up my heart when I'm with you

You may hate me but it ain't no lie

It's gonna be me

This I promise you