Песня Pseudo Echo - Listening

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Название песни: Listening
Альбом: Teleporter
Продолжительность: 03:18
5/5 (2121 голос)
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Текст песни Pseudo Echo — Listening

That night it surfaced again, she'd felt closing in
Like a hand of steel, bending the carefree neck
Tightening so hard until she brake,
Free from fever,
Free from everything, at least for now...

The morning brike, sunbeams shattered her fear
A new day dawning, but still the same
Pounding headaches, the returning of fever
Not having the strength to fight it off
Her esteem for darkness tore her deep down
As nighttime advanced, on the sl, stressful

She's out cold, blank features, no movement
-Come get me, I'm dying, please help me!
Her eyes shine, they blind me, can't help her
I listen, her heart stops, and I die with her

I'm shivering, feverish, broken down
By constant grief
At nighttime I meander, blaming myself
She became that hand of steel bending the carefree neck
Tightening so hard

I'm out cold, blanck features, no movement
My eyes shine, I'm blinding, can't save me
Don't want to, let me go, sleep away...