Песня Solar Moon - Inside Out

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Название песни: Inside Out
Продолжительность: 05:16
5/5 (2424 голоса)
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Текст песни Solar Moon — Inside Out

Your hand full of hours, sand from the urns
A traveling companion, the secret of ferns
From darkness to darkness, where shall I begin
When whiteness attacked us, sewn under our skin
And there were the stars
That helped to navigate our souls
With all my love, I went into the world
From inside out, and I gave it all to you
But I need your love, that was looking for me
Just on my lips look for your kiss
And always I think where we might have gone
If we'd never met inside this song
Our names are enciphered
But the words became true
When I was the sun and you, you were the moon
And there were the stars