Пісня Gamper & Dadoni/Emily Roberts - Bittersweet Symphony

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Назва пісні: Bittersweet Symphony
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Текст пісні Gamper & Dadoni/Emily Roberts — Bittersweet Symphony

I got gas on tuck in bed
Reaching feel on the kitchen
I spray hoes down with that rose spray
Fuck her Lord then
That bitch stable got 4 hours on shuffle
Plucking the chicken
I got muscle on the swisher nigga

On the this day ordinary
I drop the hits scream hard the real
Life it ain't no fairytale
Got gang bangs in a honda
I ain't smoking no sour D
That's the crooked from humble
We got gamp from a banana boat
That turn in mud
I got nuts big as a cantaloupe
I roll with that bandana
Peach crash with Kirko Bangz
Nigga I drink all in my cup
I'm in the phantom liking mollies
Scotty wigging with the fluff
I oughta guess and taught the ivy
Boy I'm high on fuck it

I don't stop bitch lickin sack
Put a bag hurry on the bottle linger speaks back
Paper turn to me but y'all boss trend like shit
You dial me up for the gwap or a chop of bricks
2013 drop top to think bitch
Getting head with the drop top scaring shit
I cut to floss it in the estimate to make a movie
I don't think I'm the shit, I know I'm the shit
I walk around smelling my own shit

Here we casa Atlanta, I fuck my hoes train
I take my jewels by the day all night
Girls ain't having these lines
I be on got them on that lane girl