Пісня Jimi Hendrix - Mannish Boy

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Назва пісні: Mannish Boy
Альбом: Blues
Тривалість: 05:22
5/5 (2121 голос)
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Текст пісні Jimi Hendrix — Mannish Boy

Mama hasn't... take one
Oh ooh yeah
Whoo ooh ooh yeah

Everything's gonna be all right this mornin'
Have mercy

Ow wah
Wow wowwa wowwa

When I was a young boy
Right about the age of five, I think
I had a certain kinda problem
Keepin' my folk alive
Now I'm a man, made 21
You now baby, we'll have whole lots of fun
'Cause I'm a man, spelled 'M'
'A' child, 'N' boy

Dididdy diddy
Dididdy diddy

All you pretty woman
Stand in line
I'll make love to you, baby
Always time
I'm not shootin'
Will never miss
The way I make love
Takes care of you
'Cause I'm a man
Spelled 'M'
'A' child, now
Oh me
'N' child

Doodoodoo doody
Doodoodoo doody

Uh uh an uh uhha

'Cause I'm a man


'Cause I'm a man, child
I said I'm a man, here me say
'Cause I'm a man, babe
I said I'm a man
Yeah baby


I'm goin' down south
To Kansas, to... bring back my second cousin
Little John the Choncheroe
'Cause I'm a man
What fun we had
Chasin' rabbits
In the sand
Hey hey hey