Пісня PUR:PUR - Adam (feat. Dub Beans)

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Назва пісні: Adam (feat. Dub Beans)
Тривалість: 03:57
4.9/5 (2929 голосів)
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Текст пісні PUR:PUR — Adam (feat. Dub Beans)

*[Ruin (Marksman):]*
Guess who's up first, you saying who is this?
I'm bout to go berserk, nah, I'm bout to Ruin this
Crashing the party, you wanna battle me right?
Talk trash and you'll get smashed with these gravity spikes
Leave your body hotter than lava in steam rooms
When I go in overdrive, no escaping my speed boost
I got a passion for running rapid, and steering the course
You get bum rushed and blasted with superior force

*[Seraph (AngelMelly):]*
Fresh out the quarantine zone, fifty four I's
Most deadly asset, putting you on standby
Hangtime, when my bullets fly, trigger pull you die
Could up to nine if you stand in line, hammertime
Focused on combat, multiply my killstreaks
Hit them till they feel me, hit the floor when I thrill seek
I'll find you later, pull out the annihilator
Sayonora to my haters, defiance dies in a crater now

*[Prophet (Adam Purski):]*
Here comes the Prophet, y'all need to stop it
Zap you into cardiac arrest (zzt) shock it
Target on your chest, blast your shirt
Man this is not a battle, it's a massacre
I destroyed your whole ratio
Got you begging for mercy like don't tase me bro
That's when I grab my tempest, do a couple of glitches
And no one saw me do it cause I never leave a witness

*[Outrider (IAmFallFromGrace):]*
When you see the Outrider, know it's over with
If I catch you with my sparrow, you'll get blown to bits
Find me on the roof tops, busting off a few shots
And I won't stop shooting until your entire crew drops
All challengers, I'm popping them down
My vision pulse is OP, there's no stopping me now
I can find any enemy within my vicinity
Did your guts just explode? Haha silly me

*[Reaper (Sir Skitzo):]*
I'll put you in a sleeper that's why they call me the Reaper
Electronic soul keeper, I came to bury you deeper
They don't know my motives or mission lethal with heaters
My optics tracking motion, explosion like in the theater
Except it isn't speakers you're hearing, I got the scythe
Set to cut you like a knife, look out, you're losing life
Decoys playing mind games, permanent psychosis
Leave you comatose with a dose, I ram in your throat quick

*[Battery (Sara Kate):]*
All you idiots need to face reality
Yes they call me Battery, ripping your anatomy
It's supreme mastery, please call me majesty
No one is as bad as me, my stats are staggering
I'm elite, yes I know you hate this
Armor is a beast, dodge bullets like the Matrix
Respect my authority or you'll get popped with
The Iron Man, and get shot with the War Machine

*[Spectre (StraightUpKnives):]*
Now what you know about Spectre
I'll slice you up, you gonna need a chest protector
They want war? Well bring em out, bring em out
These twin blades will give you something to scream about
Pop you with a pistol, man, nobody's gonna miss you
You about to get screwed, disappear then rip you
Go in stealth mode, leave your whole team bleeding
My nickname be John Cena, you can't see me

*[Nomad (DEFMATCH):]*
Don't step to Nomad or you'll be needing replacements
My automatic's chain fed, I'll give you a facelift
Just living off the Earth to murder you on the pavement
They clip me, then I rejack back, and I'll engage them
Get to see the swarm of the hive before you die yeah
But chances are they'll go for your eyes, you're out of time
Watch out I'm exo-suited son, get out when I'm moving up
But did you really do enough to stop me, no your crew is crushed

*[Firebreak (NerdOut):]*
Let's start a heatwave, fill it up with propane
Light the torch and I'm scorching enemies at a close range
Is that a little too hot for you? My mistake!
Feel the burn from the flames, this is Firebreak
It's a cleansing of the soul, you'll get purified
Don't worry, it'll be quick, you'll be sure to die
The best of the best, we are superior excellence
You wanna get a job done? You need a Specialist