Пісня XERXES & PHOENIX - Silence Arise

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Назва пісні: Silence Arise
Тривалість: 04:52
5/5 (2121 голос)
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Текст пісні XERXES & PHOENIX — Silence Arise

*[Chorus: x2]*
Rubber burnin burnin
I've been drinkin all night
Now I'm swervin swervin
Damn my bodys dead
And it's curvin curvin
Tryin ta taker home
But I'm swervin swervin
(Drank got me swervin)

*[Verse 1:]*
What a life of ours
Nights I scar
But where's the pain go?
Prolly in the same glass that this fuckin drink go
Now I'm on the road tryin to find out where the lanes go
I don't even know, I, I, I don't even know
And I don't really smoke but this was just one of those days yo
Pop in my favorite cd and let that whole shit play thru
Now I'm thinkin' this the type of shit that I should drink to
Pour me up so more, pour, pour, pour me up some more

*[Chorus x2]*

*[Verse 2:]*
How did I get here I swear this shit don't even seem right
Swervin lanes and hit the left
I can't even see right
Tell me wheres the street lights
Wait is that a green light?
I don't even know
I, I, I don't even know
The night was filled with life
But my glass was always empty
Bunch of ladies on me
All my niggas with me
Making more toast in the 3 a.m. at Dennys
Pour me up some more
Pour, pour, pour me up some more
Bottles lifted we drinking so much it's like the bottoms endless
Rubber bears with dollars in it
Fat wallets with condoms in it
Nothin but money and time and fine women who wanna spend it
I just hope you ready if you comin with us cause I'm rubber burnin

*[Chorus x2]*

*[Verse 3:]*
I'm just cruizin down an open road on a night in Houston
Shorty ridin tittys poppin out
Like, like the eye of Houston
Got me servin lanes,
Al, alcohol is not influenced
Maybe so, but the 5-0 still gotta prove it
Till then I turn up that music
Music do not touch my tuners
Stop signs poppin up
But I'm sore-ing like some fucking bruises
Black eyed peas no worrying
I rollin deep as Xerxes
Don't get worried when you observing me swerving

*[Chorus x2]*